Question: I run a couple of times a week and occasionally run a race. So why join a club?

Answer: Why not?! Running in a group is safer, more rewarding, more enjoyable…

Our membership allows you to claim money off race entries, and if you run in our Club Vest, you’ll be instantly recognised as a club runner, gaining exceptional support from the crowds! Membership of a running club is always a personal choice; there are thousands of runners in the UK who don’t run with a club, and miss out on support, frienship, training hints, tips etc. lifts to races, race support, someone to take your photos even!

Lakeside Lincoln Running Club’s membership is a reasonable £25 per year, so if you run one race a month, you’ll be financially better off too!

Membership can also open new avenues into other aspects of running – coaching, officiating, marshalling, measuring races…

And for the ultimate offer… you can join us in the pub after a training run!