About Lakeside Lincoln

Lakeside Lincoln is one of a few running clubs in the Lincoln area, so what do we offer that others don’t? A bit.

Most running clubs are similar: a group of people who enjoy running, usually each with his/her own reason.

Why do you like running?

To feel better about yourself?
To get fit?
To race?

It might not even matter. We might not ask you “why”, but rather just chat away and let you enjoy it with us.

As a club, we’ve been running for quite some years now, we’ve tracked the streets of Lincoln from various bases, and have sunk many pints of many drinks socialising afterwards.

We’ve raced and run casually, we’ve run marathons, half marathons, 30k races, 10k races, cross country races, fell runs.

We usually do it in groups, though occasionally just one of us will be out there.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we meet up and run together; we’ll probably soon split up as we can’t all run at the same speed, but we’ll run (or jog, or waddle) and chat away, each of us focusing on whatever matters most (usually football or curtains!).

If you haven’t run before and would like to join us, please do. We won’t bite. We won’t ask you why, or when, or who or why not.

If you come, please dress suitably (comfortable bright kit, preferably with proper running trainers), and enjoy the run. We will!

Where We Meet

We currently meet up at the Yarborough Leisure Centre, Riseholme Road, Lincoln (LN1 3SP). That’s on top of the hill to the north of the city, but if you’ve really got lost (and have a GPS to play with) its: 53:14:55 N, 0:32:19 W, or on an OS Landranger map, SK976734, on the B1226, about mile south of the Riseholme roundabout (A46 / A15 junction).

You’ll spot us any time from about 7.20pm, usually standing around the café area. Just introduce yourself, tell us what running you have or haven’t done, and how far you’d like to run. Simple, really!

“For this evening’s run, we will be mostly wearing”……our Club vests!

Dark blue, with “Lakeside Lincoln” written across front and back, in yellow. Most newer vests also have a yellow edging along the sleeves and round the neck.